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"Some people levitate on the dune

they've never bought,

Some souls long for sand or grain

they've never given...

There are humans who know by heart the current


of the river where tears bathe

and where they play with crocodiles,

There's a Himba woman who, in the warmth

of my being, is mine without having her,

She's a baby, a mother, a grandmother, she's nature

that soothes me... even on a day that's already

ended, in a book full of sentences without hyenas, lions, sable antelopes, zebras, monkeys, plants, or drought, even without dust...

Aiuê, aiuê, I'm on a shore that

you can't see me..."

From "My Land!"

(Book of Poetry)


Author: Álvaro Poeira

Publisher: Perfil Criativo - Edições

Year of first edition: October 2023

Portuguese Edition - ISBN: 978-989-35368-0-3

Number of pages: 100

Language: Portuguese


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Paulo Inácio Guerreiro Street, in the White Quarter, in front of Namibe's Radio Club, with an inviting sandy playground for playing football and chasing the 'sand papas' that were there pecking at the grass seeds, the little birds that always fooled us with their sudden movements, those movements that should have served as an anticipation of the end of a dream that we only found out later was a dream never dreamt or imagined, given the innocence that enveloped us.

That's how the last days were. The ones we never thought would happen.

And they prepared us for other times in someone else's land. They taught us to survive in the so-called civilization and to have a resilience capacity, which I call more stubbornness, that led us to overcome the difficulties of material life, but not of the spiritual or dream life.

Because that stayed there, in the land, where we were born, where we played, where we formed ourselves morally, yes, there in our land, the one we have inside and that no one can ever take away from our feelings, as it is there out of love, that's the secret.

I understand your hesitation when I say to you, 'go, see what's left of you, look at the bay, the beach, let your inner self be inspired by what your eyes see, open up, go with your heart, and leave uncertainty locked in your pocket, don't lose what you can still do.'

Would you be unable to do it? Would you not be able to find yourself in this return? Or would you once again wander like a Cazumbi?

Let's just take care of our own in our Kimbo and continue to live in dreams, now that we know we can shape and adapt them to ourselves.

That's our power, to transform what we find in our favor...

...and never be expelled again, because what we have in our hearts cannot be surrendered.

Let's just go in Alberto's dust, dusting off the jeep in the backyard, happy, in the sun, with long hair blowing in the wind as if tomorrow didn't exist.

Companion, have a good journey!

*Author of the book 'Caraculo a minha paixão | Deserto de Moçâmedes (Namibe) | Álbum fotográfico do século XIX e XX' (Ed. 2020). A childhood friend of the author."

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