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Crónica da fundação do Huambo | Chronicle of the founding of Huambo | New Lisbon - 5th edition, includes photos of the time

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The city solemnly founded by Norton de Matos in 1912 was a smite. Bush, weeds and more bush; here and there, very scattered, just a few tosed matapa or grass buildings, almost all of the merchants just arrived. The city, physically, only existed "on paper". Circumstances - especially those of a political nature - have done things like this. No other city of the ancient Empire was created under the conditions in which the Huambo was - so original. And they weren't so sure what they had a future of. But there was. It earned him the genius of his people, the climate, the geography and a prodigious twin brother - the CFB.

Author: Xavier de Figueiredo

Publisher: Perfil Criativo - Edições (EU - Portugal)

Year of publication: October 2021 - 5th ed.

ISBN: 978-989-53348-2-7

This edition includes photographs from the time

November 2021 - Presentation of the fifth edition at the Independence Palace in Lisbon



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Number of pages: 194

Cloak: Soft

Measurements (Alt. x Larg. x Lombada): 155 x 235 x 14 mm

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