Sonia Costa

Social Media Specialist

Sónia has a degree in Journalism and Multimedia, having started her professional career in Serralves as a content manager of the foundation's website. Always willing to learn and diversify their skills, he bet on a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing (2011) at IPAM.

Passionate about the world of travel, in 2011 she moved to Lisbon and joined the ecommerce department of Agência Abreu, performing functions of Social Media Specialist. Simultaneously, he taught several training courses in Facebook and YouTube Marketing, as well as e-Content in the postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing at IPAM Porto.
Via LinkedIn came the biggest professional challenge of his life: moving to Dubai to work as a Social Media Specialist at Emirates Group, a role he played until August 2016.

Currently it is dedicated to the development of social networking strategies and email marketing for customers from various sectors and different countries, as well as to the management of the All on eCommerce project, namely the organization of the All on eCommerce Conference.

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