Luzia Moniz

Luzia Moniz, 60 years old, African from Angola, journalist, sociologist and intersectional activist, believes in democracy as a lever to combat political, economic and social inequalities.
She is co-founder of PADEMA, platform for the development of African Women, an organization of the African Diaspora in Portugal, focused on diasporic African Women, her cultural and identity values with a view to her affirmation in society in view of gender equality and opportunities.
Pan-Africanist since forever, the author led in Luanda, for five years, the Africa Desk of the Agency Angola Press (ANGOP) that coordinated all the African news of the country, before being transferred, in 1989, to Portugal as delegate of the same agency.
It is frontal, "he writes as he speaks: with his eyes wide open and lit, and looking very closely at his interlocutor, and especially without popes in the language", as portrayed in the preface of this book, the African historian of the Congo, his friend-brother Jean-Michel Mabeko-Tali.
"Luzia Moniz became undoubtedly intellectual of, and in the revolution, it was forged in it, it was built politically in it, still according to Mabeko-Tali or, as Dilia Fraguito Samarth and Anil Samarth point out, in the postscript is "dreamy, honest intellectual, implicated in the historical-political struggle from an early age, with a deep historical consciousness, whose roots are based on the eloquent example of Deolinda Rodrigues, and continues to assert its struggle against any kind of colonialism."
Luzia resides in Portugal, its land of adoption and option.

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