Julius Novady

Júlio Novady Dimas Teixeira is an Angolan born in the Kamunda neighborhood of Benguela in 1996. He is the second son of Francisco Manuel Teixeira (a storyteller doctor) and the first by Antónia Josefina Dimas da Silva (a former teacher of Portuguese language). From an early age he showed a love for literature, playing with words. In 2013 he joined the School of Teacher Training of Benguela, portuguese language course/ Moral and Civic Education. There he wrote poems for the "fanzine" (monthly magazine) conceived by the "Programa Saber Mais", from the Camões Institute. In the same year, he placed 3rd in the Poetry Contest held by the same Program, with the poem "Prudence". He is a student at the Higher Institute of Educational Sciences of Katyavala Bwila University, in the specialty of Linguistics/Portuguese.

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