Miguel Neto (Level)

Alias "Nível", he is a radio announcer and television presenter who began his career in 1988 in the studio of the Karl Marx Institute - Makarenko, in Luanda. In 1989 he co-founded Rádio Luanda, where he held and presented the programs Student Movement, RPM-Rotation per Minute, Cocktail Musical and Meeting Point. Also part of this feat are the professionals Evaristo José, Amélia Mendes, Afonso Quintas, Adão Filipe, Octavio Kapapa and Hélder Barber. Years later he performed and presented RC (LAC/1993), Musical Explosion (TPA/1996), Meeting Point (RNA/2001) and High Level (TPA/2007). He is a chroniclewriter (Weekly A Capital/2003) and author of the book "A Sarrabulhada Vol I" (2009), DVD from Africa for America (2011), the books "The Account of my trajectory" (2014) and "Half-century without the charismatic Luís Visconde" (2018).

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