Tomás Lima Coelho

Tomás Lima Coelho was born in Moçâmedes, former Angra do Negro and present-day Namibe, Angola, on October 5, 1952.
He is the oldest of five siblings, all born in Angola as well as their parents.
Due to the mandatory roaming of a public official father, he lived in Lândana, Caconda, Caála, Camacupa, Kuíto, Malanje and Luanda.
He has lived in Portugal since 1975. In the last decade he has been dedicated to the research of the Literatures of Angola.


  • 1st Prize of the literary contest "The books of my life", promoted by the South Bank Newspaper in 2007.
  • He published the historical novel "Chão de Kanâmbua" edited by Chiado Editora in 2010.
  • It appears in the following Collections of Tales: "Ocultos Buracos", edited by Pastelaria Studios in 2012, and "Alhos Vedros da minha alma", edited by the Academia Musical e Recreativa 8 de Alhos Vedros in 2013.
  • Taras de Luanda II (2016), Caxinde Tea.
  • Figure in the Collection of Contemporary Poetry "Between Sleep and Dream", Volume III (2012) and Volume IV (2013), edited by Chiado Editora.
  • He is co-author in the organization of the works "Malanje - O Tempo e a Memória" (2013) and "Malanje - Suas Gentes" (2015).

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