Carlos Mariano Manuel

As early as in the first gloss of his life he became innocent, involved in the epicenter of the stormy events integrated at the beginning of the war, by National or anticolonial Independence (in Angola), and from overseas or colonial (in Portugal). It medrou until the beginning of the youth subject to the agency of the so-called, on one side liberators and, on the other, civilizers. It survived the convulsive period around and the subsequent independence, integrated into the social order instituted by the new authorities of the country. Professional practice in the care and higher teaching areas of medicine led him, among many other destinations, to Huambo, one of the epicenters of post-independence fratricidal conflict on national soil and Berlin, also one of the centers in Europe that generate the main decisions that influenced the world in the last quarter of the 19th century and in the 20th century. , suplectively and as a free student, the courses of Modern and Contemporary History at the Humboldt University in Berlin, having subsequently carried out multicentric research in Europe, America and Africa of metaanalytical nature, of historical, archaeological, museum sites, as well as conducting interviews with time witnesses and relevant to the history of Angola. However, these efforts, of sechious and humble search for the reason of the distant and current things as well as of improvement of the coming.

* Professor of Pathology and History Researcher

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