All about eCommerce (team)

The Tudo sobre eCommerce team consists of ecommerce and digital marketing professionals from a variety of training areas, who have joined together with the aim of making the Portuguese market a reference in e-commerce projects.


  • Vera Maia

    Ecommerce Specialist

    Vera Maia is the CEO and founder of Tudo sobre eCommerce. His passion for Digital Marketing began in the corridors of the University, in the course of Communication Sciences, having dedicated his entire professional career to this area, specializing in the area of Ecommerce.

    He has worked in Services and Retail in several portuguese ecommerce projects of reference, such as Salsa Jeans and Sacoor. Today, it is dedicated to the development of ecommerce and online sales strategies for customers from various sectors and different countries, through its own consulting project.

    The taste for teaching also leads Vera to teach in several postgraduate courses and courses in the most varied areas of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce. This desire to teach led Vera to found Tudo sobre eCommerce in 2017, inviting Sonia, Nelson, Barbara and Antoine to be part of this project.

  • Sonia Costa

    Social Media Specialist

    Sónia has a degree in Journalism and Multimedia, having started her professional career in Serralves as a content manager of the foundation's website. Always willing to learn and diversify their skills, he bet on a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing (2011) at IPAM.

    Passionate about the world of travel, in 2011 she moved to Lisbon and joined the ecommerce department of Agência Abreu, performing functions of Social Media Specialist. Simultaneously, he taught several training courses in Facebook and YouTube Marketing, as well as e-Content in the postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing at IPAM Porto.
    Via LinkedIn came the biggest professional challenge of his life: moving to Dubai to work as a Social Media Specialist at Emirates Group, a role he played until August 2016.

    Currently it is dedicated to the development of social networking strategies and email marketing for customers from various sectors and different countries, as well as to the management of the All on eCommerce project, namely the organization of the All on eCommerce Conference.

  • Nelson Peixoto

    Performance Marketing Specialist

    Technology and marketing are Nelson's professional areas of choice. He holds a degree in Technologies & Information Systems from the University of Minho and specializes in Google Ads, SEO, Web Analytics and legislation for ecommerce.

    Throughout his professional career he worked with B2C and B2B companies, where he integrated web development projects, branding, digital marketing strategies and was a communication manager. He is currently A Performance Marketing Specialist and Digital Marketing Consultant at Tudo sobre eCommerce.

    Teaches digital marketing and ecommerce courses, namely Google Ads, SEO, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Legislation for Ecommerce.

  • Barbara Peixoto

    Ecommerce Specialist

    Barbara has a degree in Management from Católica Porto Business School, and it was also during the academic career that the interest in the area of ecommerce arose, a work area that is in her family.

    He is part of the Tudo sobre eCommerce team in 2017, having specialized in Reporting, UX/UI and Social Media for Ecommerce. In the TSE project, Barbara is also, along with Sonia, in the organization of the Conference and management of social networks and email marketing of Tudo sobre eCommerce.

  • Antoine Smith

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