• Adriano Sokopia (1992)
  • Amanddium Jamba Favor (1992)
  • Angel N'silu (n/a)
  • Armando Sousa (1991)
  • Banny de Castro (1988)
  • Fernando Menezes (1994)
  • Gerson Manuel (n/a)
  • Gervásio Kassoma (1996)
  • Henrique Fortuna (n/d)
  • Jacinto Soares (1986)
  • Julius Novady (1996)
  • Khelson Kaputo (1997)
  • Madureira Kanambi (1989)
  • Manuel Mulula (1992)
  • Marta Teixeira Lopes (1989)
  • Rodino Shoemaker (n/a)
  • Yosefe Mwetunda (1991)


  • Adrians Sokopia

    Adriano Sokopia was born in Benguela in 1992. He studied primary studies in Benguela and secondary studies at Liceu BG 9016, in chongoroi, physical and biological sciences course. He took the basic course of Social Communication at EUGEF and is finishing high school in Social Communication at Zinga College. He is a student of Legal Psychology at ISPM (Instituto Superior Polytécnico Maravilha de Benguela). Outside the Ministry of Education, he is a photojournalist for imagem Acacias and also of Revista Sul Rostos e Negócios. He attended a basic course of literary training taught by the ALCA (Literary and Cultural Association of Angola), of which he is a member, in partnership with UBESC (Bahian Union of Writers and Òminira Magazine).

  • Amanddium Favor

    Amândio Jamba Favor was born in 1992, in the city of Lobito, benguela province. He attended high school at the Middle Seminary of bom pastor (2009/2011) in Benguela, humanities course. He holds a degree in Educational Sciences, option Portuguese Language Teaching, at the Instituto Superior de Ciência de Educação (ISCED), Benguela (2013/2017). He is a Portuguese language teacher at the Ministry of Education and a collaborator at the Pim Pam Pum private school complex.
    He attended intensive journalism courses (2015) at the Angolan Institute of Typing (IAD); basic and middle English (2017) at the IECA Vocational Training Centre, Lobito; basic in literary creation, promoted by UBESC (Bahian Union of Writers, Òmnira Magazine), for one month. In addition Portuguese, he has mastery of English and umbundu. He is dedicated to writing short stories, fables and chronicles.

  • Armando Sousa

    Armando Dias de Sousa, born in 1991, in the province and municipality of Benguela, Bairro da Lixeira, currently resident in Bairro do 71, is a student at ISCED (Instituto Superior de Ciências de Educação), Benguela, Katyavala Bwila University, in the Portuguese Language Course. Since 2010 he is interested in the world of literature, passionate about poetry, after he read the first book offered by a friend of his.

  • Angel N'silu

    Antonio José N'silu. He was born on Avenida dos Massacres (now Avenida Brasil), municipality of Rangel, Luanda province (while official records mention the district of Ingombota). He is the son of a mukongo father, musician and photographer, and ambundo mother, former grocer of the roque santeiro market and carnival princess.
    He spent his childhood and grew up in Luanda, with a short stint in the province of Bengo. He went through several primary schools, where he developed a love for the arts. The most referencetexts of his childhood, folk music, the way of life and the Angolan sociocultural reality from an early age inspired him to write.
    He attends the 2nd Year of Teaching the Portuguese Language, by ISCED (Instituto Superior de Ciências de Educação) Benguela, Katyavala Bwila University, having previously tried computer technical courses between Luanda and Benguela, the latter the city that has hosted it since 2015. Loves traveling by land, caring and talking to nature.

  • Banny de Castro

    Banny de Castro was born in 1988, in the municipality of Ganda, Benguela province. He currently resides in the city of Benguela. Published: When everything seems pitch black, hopes fade (romance, by Chiado Editora, Portugal, 2012); Trilogia Negra (prose, by Celeiro de Escritores, Brazil, 2014-2015); Ulika? (novel, by Chela Editora, Angola, April 2018); and Fear of witches, reflections on sorcery in Angola (essay, by Chiado Books, Portugal, July 2018).

  • Fernando Menezes

    Fernando Menezes was born in 1994, lives in the neighborhood of Bela Vista Baixa, benguela city. He holds a degree in Pedagogy from ISCED (Instituto Superior de Ciências de Educção) Benguela, from Katyavala Bwila University. He likes to write articles that reflect everyday life and also, in his spare time, lyrical poetry. Hobby: reading, researching, chatting and listening to music.

  • Gerson Manuel

    Gerson Manuel lives in Luanda. He has a degree in International Relations, professor, chronicler, opinion maker, speaker and artistic producer, in fact a lover of creative writing who since childhood writes poems.

  • Gervásio Kassoma

    Gervásio Kassoma Matacano was born in 1996, in the municipality of Luena, Moxico province, moved to Benguela at an early age. He writes since he was 12 years old, adopted Gervais Kass as his pseudonym. It has a facebook page (Simplicity & Words) where you share your writings.

  • Henry Fortuna

    Henriques Fortuna is a graduate in Portuguese language and literature from ISCED (Instituto Superior de Ciências de Educção) of Luanda, poet and chronicler, author of scattered texts, published, some, in the weekly space of poetry and reading suggestion, program "Gente Viva", from Rádio Cuanza-Sul, while graduating from the Teacher Training School (2013-2016). He has written poems of various subjects.

  • Jacinto Smith

    Jacinto Soares Senje Zeca is a native of Lobito, Benguela province, born in 1987, single, history student at UKB-Benguela University, passionate and lover of letters. Since 2006, he has dedicated himself to this craft of creating life possibilities that the world of letters contains, in the genre of poetry.

  • Julius Novady

    Júlio Novady Dimas Teixeira is an Angolan born in the Kamunda neighborhood of Benguela in 1996. He is the second son of Francisco Manuel Teixeira (a storyteller doctor) and the first by Antónia Josefina Dimas da Silva (a former teacher of Portuguese language). From an early age he showed a love for literature, playing with words. In 2013 he joined the School of Teacher Training of Benguela, portuguese language course/ Moral and Civic Education. There he wrote poems for the "fanzine" (monthly magazine) conceived by the "Programa Saber Mais", from the Camões Institute. In the same year, he placed 3rd in the Poetry Contest held by the same Program, with the poem "Prudence". He is a student at the Higher Institute of Educational Sciences of Katyavala Bwila University, in the specialty of Linguistics/Portuguese.

  • Khelson Kaputo

    Son of a teacher father and working mother, António Guilson Kaputo, born and resident in Benguela since 1997, he develops activities related to the area of communication and image. He is a medium technician of Teacher Training and Graduating at Katyavala Bwila University, a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics/English. He loves literature and nurdes a vehement passion to be a teacher, writer, translator and entrepreneur. He is a determined man who believes in love and personal power, and knows closely what it is to be a young man from the periphery.

  • Madureira Kanambi

    Madureira Kessongo Kanambi was born in 1989, in the municipality of Ukuma, Huambo province. He holds a law degree from The Eleventh of November University, Cabinda. He is a founding member of the Young Guild Compulsive Readers, which aims to disseminate and encourage children's literature and the Most Common Philanthropic Association, which develops community development work.

  • Manuel Mulula

    Manuel Francisco Mulula was born in the commune of Luremo-Cuango, Lunda-Norte province, in 1992. He has lived in Lobito, Benguela province, since he was seven years old. He is a 4th year student at the Instituto Superior de Ciências da Educação (ISCED-Benguela) of Katyavala Bwila University, in the specialty of Portuguese Language Teaching. Since 2018, he has been a Portuguese language teacher at the Pim Pam Pum do Lobito Private School Complex.

  • Marta Teixeira Lopes

    Marta Teixeira Lopes, born in Lobito in 1989, resides in Catumbela. She holds a degree in Psychology of Education from Katyavala Bwila University. He likes to read, write and listen to music. He participated in the poetic anthology A Gente Que Eu Conheço (Ginga Editora, 2019). It has a personal page entitled Marta Teixeira poemsemotions, in which she publishes self-help texts, poems and narrative texts. She's a lecturer and a teacher.

  • Rodino Shoemaker

    Rodino Satelo Ngumbe, a native of Lobito. Professor, graduated from Katyavala Bwila University (UKB), Faculty of Educational Sciences. He has been working for some years now, writing mainly chronicles and poems.

  • Yosefe Mwetunda

    José Guilherme João Muetunda was born in July 1991, mavinga municipality, Cuando Cubango province, Angola. Graduated in Law from the Bartodist University of Angola, he will adopt, when he is a writer, the pseudonym Yosefe Mwetunda. Author of a few texts (more poems and chronicles) published, the alluded can be read in the magazines Luzeiro Gospel, Palavra & Arte (virtual), the newspaper Nova Gazeta (poem of the reader) and the blog Angola, Debates and Ideas

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