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Novidades 2022 - Catálogo Editorial

Silenciocracia, jornabófias e outras mazelas | Silence, newspapers and other ills

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"Disappointment, disappointment, critically retrospective gaze, are phenomena that are always in the way of any political struggle, most notheless from any politically "engaged" intellectual. Luzia Moniz became undoubtedly intellectual of, and in the revolution, she forged herself in it, was built politically in it. So, as a former "organic intellectual" of the MPLA, you can speak with ownership today of what has been "badly done" with regard to your homeland. And to say it in the words of those who gave their best, and therefore raised enough of historical legitimacy to be able to express their disappointments with the political process in which she became an adult, and dignified herself as the legitimate daughter of the homeland. She has in fact accumulated enough knowledge of the political machine that formed and shaped it to speak with property and head up."

"Return to pure and hard reality: the dream of equality is yet to be fulfilled. This implies other struggles without a doubt, for which the author does not hide that she is ready."

Jean-Michel Mabeko-Tali
In fashion Foreword

Author: Luzia Moniz

Publisher: Perfil Criativo - Edições

Year of publication: November 2022 - 1st edition

ISBN: 978-989-53574-5-1

Language: Portuguese



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Preamble 7
Foreword by Jean-Michel Mabeko-Tali

cHAPTER 1 - Africa and Diaspora
The Lesson of Cape Verde [22/10/21]
Reading the Signs [04/12/20]
Jingunzu [05/21/21]
Inert Body [04/10/20]
Candongueiros do Poder [09/25/20]

cHAPTER 2 - Gender and Equality
Dreaming for Equality [05/07/21]
My Body Belongs to Me [04/23/20]
Misogyny of Power [05/06/20]
Deolinda Rodrigues Today [12/03/21]
Ahead in Time [07/31/2020]
What if Joana Tomás Retreated? [14/01/21]

cHAPTER 3 - Democracy versus Autocracy
Totally Fraudulent, Press Watch [05/24/21]
Democracy Doesn't Cut Off Heads [10/08/21]
Setting the Prairie on Fire [08/27/21]
Depleted Regime [10/20/20]
Belly Button Diplomacy [06/11/20]
Politicized Justice [08/13/21]
Political Vassalage [12/03/21]
Fear of the Free Vote [06/18/21]
The Three D's of the New MPLA [12/02/21]
Edeltrudes Leaks [09/10/20]
Dying on the Beach [11/19/21]
Silenciocracy [02/26/21]

cHAPTER 4 - Culture and Identity
Ndontele Kiassekoka!, [05/20/20]
Tugofonia Elite [3/27/20]
Nga Sakidila, Jaja! [3/07/20]
Mukwaxi [9/24/21]
Forsaken Diamond [8/28/20]

cHAPTER 5 - Freedom of the Press
The Rottenness Goes In The Worshipful Way [11/09/20]
Cypriots of Autocracy [11/05/21]
Media Terrorism [26/03/21]
Journaboias [08/14/20]
Freedom that (still) doesn't exist [05/22/20]

cHAPTER 6 - Portugal's ills
A Portuguese Ex-Prime Minister, a Miss and the Tutelage [07/16/21]
White Customs [12/18/20]
How to End the CPLP [30/07/21]
Racism of Matrix [06/19/20]
What If Obama Were European? Semanário Angolense [12/22/08]

Posthumously by Dilia Fraguito Samarth and Anil Samarth

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