Verdadeiro Amor Verdadeiro | True Love
  • Verdadeiro Amor Verdadeiro | True Love
  • Verdadeiro Amor Verdadeiro | True Love
  • Verdadeiro Amor Verdadeiro | True Love
  • Verdadeiro Amor Verdadeiro | True Love
  • Verdadeiro Amor Verdadeiro | True Love
  • Verdadeiro Amor Verdadeiro | True Love
  • Verdadeiro Amor Verdadeiro | True Love
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Verdadeiro Amor Verdadeiro | True Love

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Author: Hugo Henriques

Publisher: Criativo - Edições 

Year of publication: December 2020, 1st edition

ISBN: 978-989-54937-4-6

Language: Portuguese

Available for delivery from December 21, 2020

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This is the story of Bruno who interrupted his career in Budapest in favor of a passion for Borbála, a Hungarian who left everything to follow him, but who fell in love with another woman, Luisa, a philosophy teacher confused in her feelings for her religious devotion. This is also the story of Duarte, a furriel highlighted to defend Mozambique from the insurgents and who discovers in his readings the reasons for fighting for the homeland.

The reader undertakes to exercise some concentration to carry out a sequential reading of different stories but told alternately, until they merge, i.e. Bruno and Borbála know each other sensibly in the same lapse in which Luisa meets László and abandons Alberto, but their stories are not common, obviously, until the moment when she comes to know the former. Duarte's experience in the overseas war takes place before the birth of the remaining characters, so his existence, which gives way to some chapters, only integrates and truly is fully understood in the plot already very close to the end. The reader is surprised by the relationships and functions of the characters, the reader comes to understand in the last chapters the reason for small details that were being placed here and there in the development of the narrative.

The action develops for Duarte's case in the early 1970s and then in 2006, while for the remaining characters, between the end of 2005 and the summer of 2006. The spaces are some places of Mozambique, the city of Budapest, Lisbon and finally, which belongs to the route of a trip from Lisbon to Morocco, from Tangier to Ouarzazate, through Arzila, Casablanca and Maraquexe.

In terms of political, social and religious framework, we have portrayed an Africa full of conflicts sponsored by the Soviet Union, a Europe liberated from misunderstandings, but weakened by values and also a society greatly influenced by Islam, which generates a kind of intolerance possible to detail the detail. In this context, the public expression of love between two women ended up savagely punished by religious fundamentalists and thus faith in a god, whatever its name, is called into question.



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