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"Verses from Frei Maneco's Naughty Book" is a spontaneous book that vibrates to the rhythm of its author, in his permanently critical (in the philosophical sense of the term) relationship with contemporary life in our town.

There is no doubt that these rhythmic, well-disposed poems, with their intelligent and subtle humor, which some might be tempted to call songs of mockery and slander, are the poetic expression of a way of being of their author, in the persona of his heteronym: Frei Maneco.

What is certain, however, is the author's passion for popular forms of cultural expression in general, and literature in particular. These are understood more in the practical sense than the erudite, without this literature being able to be classified as "cordel" literature.

E. Bonavena in "A Dystopian Poetry for the Myopic"


Author: Frei Maneco*

Publisher: PERFIL CRIATIVO - Editions

Year of first edition publication: February 2024

ISBN: 978-989-35368-6-5

Collection: "Poesia no Bolso"

*Frei Maneco is a pseudonym of Manuel Fonseca de Victória Pereira (Angola)


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