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Em Minha Casa, as Psicologias Têm Outros Nomes | In My House, The Psychopsychologys Have Other Names

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"Fernando Kawendimba's book narrates Felix's trajectory of life, oblique experiences, interest in literature, religion and sensitivity to nature as well as the hardship of everyday life through a language that permeates the ghostly and emotional space of a period marked by indecisions, discoveries, curiosities and hope. (...) the author refers us to the analysis of the knowledge of the potentialities and emotional resources that each of us carries within himself and how to transform courage, determination and will and resilience in the face of social obstacles built around the generation of Angolans after independence."

Nvunda Tonet, in preface

Author: Fernando Kawendimba

Edit.: Acácias

Pub year.: Sep. 2019, 1st edition

ISBN: 978-989-88875-6-6


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Author: Fernando Kawendimba

Publisher: Acacia

Year of publication: September 2019 - First edition

ISBN: 978-989-88875-6-6

Number of pages: 146

Cover: mole with badanas

Measurements (Alt. x Larg. x Lombada): 210 x 150 x 8 mm

Weight: 0.225 Kg

Collection: Orchid


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