MPLA — A Revolução Traída. | MPLA — The Betrayed Revolution. 13 Theses in my defense - Nito Alves

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The work consists of the defense of Nito Alves before the Central Committee of the MPLA, in the face of accusations of fractionism. A wave of violence followed on May 27, 1977, a bloodbath that killed thousands of Angolans.

As José Reis writes in the preface, to publish, "forty-four years later, a document, which by its existence, was one of the pretexts, perhaps the oldest, to, in the sequel to the so-called "Coup attempt of May 27, 1977", in the then People's Republic of Angola, to send through the weapons, 16 young creatures, with an average of 25 years of age, is, I am sure, a duty."

Author: Nito Alves

Publisher: Elivulu

Year of publication: July 2021

ISBN: 978-989-54615-9-2

Language: Portuguese

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