Angola e o Atlântico | Colonialismo, Colonialidade e Epistemologia Descolonial
  • Angola e o Atlântico | Colonialismo, Colonialidade e Epistemologia Descolonial
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Angola e o Atlântico | Colonialismo, Colonialidade e Epistemologia Descolonial

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In the second half of the 20th century and in this century, many other South American and African thinkers have been studying the diverse phenomenon of Southern colonialisms. They have successfully reestablished possible connections with ancestral epistemologies and knowledge, where Eurocentric thought has not completely penetrated. The purpose of this book is to reflect on these Southern colonialisms through the perspectives of Southern thinkers, whose realities are quite distinct from Northern colonialisms. By contemplating the history of Iberian colonialisms, the aim is to understand what they transformed in the History of the Atlantic, particularly here in Angola.

Fundamentally, it is about placing Angola and its history before itself and helping to discover the connection between the past and the future. This involves filling the empty spaces left by colonial persistence with new societal patterns (ecology of knowledge) while embracing the entry into modernity. Not a Eurocentric modernity, but a human and natural one, from the South, the Atlantic, and Angola.

The National Center for Culture (Portugal) classified this work as one of the best books published in 2023:

Author: Luís Gaivão

Publisher: Perfil Criativo - Edições

Year of publication: September 2023 - 1st edition

ISBN: 978-989-35076-8-1

Collection: Academic Works (Volume 2)

Number of pages: 148

Language: Portuguese


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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Beginning of Things
  • Colonialism
  • Tools of Colonialism: Fixity and Stereotype
  • Iberian Colonialism in the Atlantic: Exploration, Settlement, and Peripheral
  • Portuguese Peripheral Colonialism in Angola: Subcolonization or Overcolonization? Specificities
  • Transculturation in the Spaces of Portuguese Colonialism – The Case of Angola
  • Colonialism and the Cold War in Southern Africa
  • The Long Temporality of Portuguese Colonialism – Desynchronization and Rupture of the Eurocentric Model and the Angolan Peculiarity
  • Portuguese Colonialism and the Return of the "Empire": Eduardo Lourenço's Organic Colonialism and Deterritorialized Empire
  • Colonialism and Modernity — Dark Africa and the Berlin Conference
  • "Enlightened" America and the Rationalist "Point Zero"
  • Consequences of Iberian Colonization in Latin America: Coloniality and the Hierarchy of Races
  • Atlantic Cultures (From the South)
  • Borders, Border Cultures, and New Dynamics of Limits
  • Cultural Translation, Hybridization, and In-Between Spaces
  • The "Forgetfulness" of Coloniality by Eurocentric Thought
  • Internal Colonialism and Marginality
  • Amerindian and African Thought and the Perverse Seduction of the Latter by Colonialism
  • Theory of "Abyssal Thinking"
  • "This Side of the Line"
  • "The Other Side of the Line"
  • Ecology of Knowledges, Post-Abyssal Thinking, Subaltern Cosmopolitanism
  • Angola, a Post-Colonial Modern State, and the Civil War
  • Neocolonialism
  • Eurocentrism: Capitalism and Historical Materialism
  • Civil War, Nomenclature, and Corruption
  • The Ineffective State and Neocolonialism – The Inheritance That Needs to Change
  • Disadaptation of the Nation-State in Africa – Coloniality and Almost Failed State
  • Conclusion
  • Glossary
  • Bibliographical References
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