Shafu Duchaque

It is the literary pseudonym of Francisco José Domingos. Born in Luanda in the 1990s. Son of Maria Francisco and José Domingos, both from the province south of Kwanza.
He did his primary and secondary studies in Luanda, where he lives. He is a Medium Technical Local and Local Administration technician at the Local Government Training Institute (IFAL). He holds a degree in Educational Sciences, a specialist in Portuguese Language Teaching from the Instituto Superior de Ciências de Educação - ISCED. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Territory Administration from Gregory Semedo University. He is professor and trainer of Oral Expression and Writing Techniques in Portuguese. Currently works in Instructional Designer in Distance Education at the Training Institute of Local Government - IFAL. Trips to LIBERATURA is the first collection of poems in which he participates. It has about two books yet to be published.

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