O Homem e a Sua Abordagem Sobre «Realidade-Mente-Consciência» | Man and His Approach To "Reality-Mind-Consciousness"
  • O Homem e a Sua Abordagem Sobre «Realidade-Mente-Consciência» | Man and His Approach To "Reality-Mind-Consciousness"
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O Homem e a Sua Abordagem Sobre «Realidade-Mente-Consciência» | Man and His Approach To "Reality-Mind-Consciousness"

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An informative work full of transcriptions and sinoptic representations that presents a global perspective integrating various points of view. It situates us between heaven and earth. It takes us to very different worlds. Introduce us to the main entities. It refers to two absolutely fundamental manifestations and two characteristics of evolution.
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"The initial idea for the first edition of the books was aimed at a very restricted audience of people – limited to family, friends and some authors / editors of the publications used, specifically those published in Portuguese – the idea in general was to offer them these books. (pandemic period/confinement complicated procedures)

The first volume, published in June 2020 – 1st edition, was followed by an essential component (referred to in this book) and continued; for the second volume I chose for this the title: For a true Science of Man."

Author: Lívio Honório

Publisher: Perfil Criativo - Edições

Year of publication: June 2020, 1st edition

ISBN: 978-989-54702-8-0



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This is an informative book full of sinoptic representations that can lead us down paths very different from those we are used to.

It situates us between heaven and earth. It takes us to very different worlds. Introduce us to the main entities. And it refers to us two absolutely fundamental manifestations, and two characteristics of evolution. In summary terms what distinct worlds (Between HEAVEN and EARTH) can be considered? For simplicity - the author distinguishes the following three:

1) The "Non-Manifesto"

— the "Fields of Living Cosmic Intelligence"
— the "Unified Field of Totality of Creation"
— the "transcendental world (of the eternal structures of every living being) of the Pyramids of the Spirit
— and the world of celestial identities"

2) The "World-of-Forms / In Finite Existence"

— of the Pyramids of the Soul
— glimpse of the 4th spatial dimension
— the "field" in the individual

3) In "space-time material reality"

— the world as we know it in the "space-time" dimension
— of the Pyramids of the Body

Positions the moment of creation:

" Cosmic Intelligence
— The three principles
— Consciousness / The 5 Elements (Ether, Fire, Air, Water, Earth) / The 3 Ayurvedic Doshas (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha)

It also refers to the energy exchanges between different beings
environment | be direct | double of the be | be cosmic

And vibratorily characterizes each Being

— the 4 vibrating pyramids of each Being
— the pyramid of the Spirit, the double pyramid of the Soul, the pyramid of the Body.
— several beings that bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth

In summary terms what entities can stand out?

The author highlights three main entities and an inner flame.

What is absolutely independent of the determinations that are phenomena.
" Our 'biopsychospiritual' being.

The spiritual and immortal nature of the human being.
A reality emerging from the Relationship Of Mind and Spirit in a material body.
Inner Perception – the power of the Soul within a person.
— An inner flame
"In the human mind lies a fragment of God.
— The relational reality between God and man is realized in the Holy Spirit - this divine indwelling in us.

A thinking reality as opposed to matter, body or nature.
— The Thought Adjuster
— (The Absolute Essence + The Mind of the Mortal Creature)

Reading this book is peeking at reality, following the path of inner growth and discovering the integral being.

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